15 Cool DIY Halloween Ideas

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Have you prepared everything for Halloween party? Our preparing is in full swing! And today we want share with you 15 new cool ideas for Halloween, to make it the coolest holiday of this year!
• Line
• Doll’s arms and legs
• Beads
• Chain
• Artificial flowers
• Rubber eyes
• Hot gun
• Threads
• Scissors
• Earring fixtures
• Crepe paper
• Cardboard
• Foamiran
• Candies in form of jaws
• Wallet
• Umbrellas
• Paints
• Syringe
• Water
• Polyethylene
• Hand cream
• Mask
• Wipes
• Brush
• Tulle
• Satin
• Elastic band
• Shoes
• Pants
• Bottles
• Elmer's glue
• Cotton pads
• Gouache
• Glitter
• Gloves
• Flashlights
• Doll
• Aerosol paint
• Kettle
• Foil
• Wet wipes
• Play dough
• Candy box
• Toilet paper
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15 Cool DIY Halloween Ideas