8 UNREAL Creatures Explained!

Check out these 8 unreal creatures explained! This top 10 list of mysterious unbelievable animals sometimes caught on camera don't actually exist and this video explains their origins!
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8. Mermaids
Mermaids have been both romanticised and villanised in fiction. We have our lovable Little Mermaid, Ariel, who just wants to be connected with the human world. But then again, we also have the evil but beautiful sirens who would sooner lead humans to their death while making them fall in love with their music.
7. The Beast of Dartmoor
In the southwest of England, a cluster of moors called Dartmoor is home to a lot of creepy stories and sightings. A lot of people claim that certain areas of Dartmoor are haunted which can easily be shrugged off. However, many people have not only seen this next creature, but they’ve taken pictures of it. Maybe you have!!!
6. Zombies
Many people actually believe that zombies are real.14% of Americans believe there is a small chance of a zombie apocalypse coming. All the zombie shows and movies aren’t helping so maybe these unreal creatures don’t need that much of an explanation...
5. Loch Ness Monster
Supposedly, the Loch Ness Monster inhabits Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. Last year, 2017, was a great year for Nessie sightings!! Many people have snapped pictures of what they believed to be the fabled sea serpent but they’ve always been on pixelated phones or the image moved too quickly to be able to clarify for certain whether or not it is the creature.
4. Dracula
While I could delve into the vast world of vampires throughout history, I’ll just focus on the most famous vampire that there is - Count Dracula. While Bram Stoker’s novel is entirely fictional, he was inspired by someone who is probably the closest historical evidence that we have of a real vampire.
3. Unicorns
Now you have unicorn everything!! You can’t step into a clothing store anywhere without seeing something with a unicorn on it. Unicorn makeup, glitter, tears...Starbucks even created a unicorn inspired frappuccino. But where did the idea of unicorns come from? Do people still think they can see them?
2. Bigfoot
This list would be incomplete without Big Foot. The sasquatch creature has been an unexplained phenomena for many years. Many people have claimed to have seen him themselves, there’s multiple pictures and videos but none of them are definitive evidence. Like any film taken on an old camera phone, they’re not entirely clear and could be anything - similarly to the Beast of Dartmoor.
1. Mummies
The idea of mummies has been scaring children - and some adults - for years. Especially if you’ve seen Scooby Doo, you know that the zombie-like Egyptians can be quite terrifying. Of course, mummification was very real, which is perhaps what makes them so creepy.
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8 UNREAL Creatures Explained!